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The Heart of the Home...

By now, in this age of DIY and home improvement TV shows, everyone knows what the experts say- the kitchen and the bath are the most important rooms in a house. These rooms are the focal point and should be aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The kitchen sets the mood of a home. It is the special place of gatherings for family and friends to share meals, socialize and have fun.


The bath is, of course, quite the opposite. It is the private space where one goes to relax and revitalize.


Together, they are the "heart of the home".


At Artisan Design Group, kitchens and baths are just the beginning. We have the products and knowledge to furnish cabinetry to bring your dream home to reality.


We accommodate ideas and budgets of all sizes. Whether you are the homeowner or the homeowner is your client, we woud love to help you create the heart of the home and beyond.

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